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EPA Counseling Program Mission

The Mission of the East Point Academy School Counseling Program is to foster a safe and connected environment that prepares and honors students as they become lifelong learners, leaders, and global citizens who have the ability to communicate in multiple languages, collaborate, and think creatively and critically in the 21st century.

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What is a School Counselor?

School Counselors are advocates, leaders, collaborators, and consultants who create efficient and culturally responsive change by providing and supporting educational access and success to students by aligning the school counseling programs with the school's mission plan. School counselors work under the belief that all students have the power to learn. School counselors are leaders and advocate for students to ensure education systems are providing the best learning environments and meet the needs of all students. School counselors are certified and licensed educators that are trained to develop, maintain and support a comprehensive school counseling program that fosters academic achievement, career planning, and personal/social development in students (ASCA, 2016).

Individual Counseling

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One-on-one with the counselor and student to focus on specific issues hindering the student's success in school. Individual sessions are short-term and solution-focused. Sessions can be requested by students, teachers, and parents/guardians of the child. Referrals to community counselors can be made if your child would benefit from ongoing support. 

Classroom Lessons

Monthly lessons are offered in each classroom and specific to each grade level to provide all students with knowledge of personal, social, academic, and career development. The purpose of classroom counseling lessons is to promote their positive mental health and to assist them in acquiring and using life skills.

Group Counseling


Sessions are offered to help groups of students working on a shared task with similar issues. The group setting is a useful way to serve many students and help them find support, encouragement, and skill-building with their peers. Group sessions are offered throughout the school year and address the current needs of the school. School counselors choose students for groups to ensure that the group is cohesive and supportive. If the school counselor believes that your child would benefit from specific group counseling sessions, a permission slip will be sent home.

Advocate & Collaborate

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School counselors advocate for students' needs by making sure that school systems and community organizations are providing the best support and structures for the success of all students. Collaboration is an important relationship between school counselors, teachers, parents, school staff, and the county school board to bring forth plans of access to help support all students in their academic, career, and personal/social success.  


Better Than A Bystander

We are better than being a bystander, we are upstanders! Through the months of September and October, the counselors on both campuses will be teaching about bullying prevention, healthy friendships, and kindness. 


Career Week

Career week is full of opportunities for students to learn and explore different careers in our community. We invite community members, parents, and friends to come and speak to students about their careers. Middle School students are given the chance to job shadow during this week. Career exploration is an essential part of fostering a future-oriented learning environment. 

"What we don't need in the midst of struggle is shame for being Human."

- Brené Brown

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